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Welcome to DigiVET!

The project DigiVET (Creating Digital Content with the Utilisation of Free Online Resources) is funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Commission, aims to address the current challenges of the VET sector emerged from the transition to the digital era and the impact of COVID-19 in the provision of VET for both trainers and trainees. It has as key objective to contribute to VET trainers’ professional development through improving their digital competences, in particular their capacity to develop digital learning resources to address contemporary needs of trainees.


Taking into consideration the challenges faced by VET trainers in their efforts to adapt to the unfolding situation that requires high incorporation levels of digital technology in VET, the DigiVET Project aims to:

  • Develop VET trainers’ digital competences, in particular the development of digital learning resources for VET,
  • Build the capacity of VET trainers to adapt their delivery of VET in the digital era, through the incorporation of digital resources and tools,
  • Support the provision of flexible, high quality VET, adapted to correspond to the requirements of the digital era and the COVID-19 impact,
  • Develop an online VET Hub that will provide open access to digital learning resources in various VET sectors,
  • Motivate VET trainees to select quality VET opportunities that reflect their needs and interests, contributing to personal and professional development.


The partnership will carry out a brief yet comprehensive research to identify in more detail the impact of COVID-19 on the provision of VET, involving at least VET trainers who will respond to questionnaires, participate in face-to-face (or online) meetings and get in-person interviewed on their emerging needs. Based on the research’s findings, the DigiVET Training Programme hosted in the DigiVET e-learning platform will be developed to provide theoretical and practical skills and knowledge on the development of interactive, engaging digital learning resources according to the identified needs of trainees, aiming to keep them motivated in participating in VET, thus contributing to their personal and professional development.


The DigiVET Hub, directly linked with the DigiVET e-learning platform and the Project’s website, will act as an open space providing free access to a variety of digital resources developed by VET trainers who will have completed the DigiVET Training Programme. VET learners and the public in general will have access to quality training opportunities in various fields, improving their personal and professional skills and knowledge, while at the same time having the VET sector adapting to the digital era.


Intellectual Outputs

Intellectual Output 1: Identification of Current Situation (Leading organization: EUROTraining)

This work package focuses on the partnership’s research on the current situation of digital resources in VET provision, through directly addressing VET trainers as the Project’s main target group and beneficiaries of its results


1.1: Research Methodology and Tools

1.2: Research on Current Situation

1.3: Current Situation Report

Compendium of best practices:

Intellectual Output 2: DigiVET Training Programme (Leading organization: Centrul de Resurse pentru Educatie si Formare Profesionala)

Based on the results and findings of the Research on Current Situation of Digital Resources in VET, the partnership will proceed with the development of the Project’s main results, that are the DigiVET Training Programme and the DigiVET e-learning platform.


2.1: Content Development

2.2: DigiVET e-learning

2.3: Pilot Testing

2.4: Update and Finalisation

Intellectual Output 3: DigiVET Hub (Leading organization: Centro Per Lo Sviluppo Creativo Danilo Dolci)

Trainers will be able to utilise their skills and knowledge acquired through the successful completion of the DigiVET Training Programme, develop their own digital content and/or VET Modules, and publish them in the DigitVET Hub that will be developed and linked to both the e-learning platform and the Project’s website.


3.1: VET mini-Modules Development

3.2: DigiVET Hub Development


The project is moving forward! On the 29th of November 2021, the 2nd transnational meeting was held online, in light of the concerning situation of the pandemic. As the first stage of the project is complete, participants focused on the steps being taken towards the next stage....

Blended learning is an approach to training that goes beyond the traditional means of teaching and blends them with technological means, such as eLearning and mobile learning. The research definition of blended learning, a blend of digital/online/technology-based modalities and activities and in-person/face-to-face/offline modalities and activities,......

The use of digital tools can be perceived both as an opportunity of complementing existing teaching methods and also a challenge to familiarise with the plethora of available tools in a minimum of time due to the outburst of COVID – 19 pandemics....